Will Togashi finish HXH?

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Will Togashi finish HXH?

Will Togashi finish HXH?

It's still ongoing, so he hasn't officially stopped, and he's said he plans to finish it first or die first. Although this was said years ago.

What happened to Togashi?

For those who don't know, Yoshihiro Togashi the creator of Hunter x Hunter. The artist, who ran Yu Yu Hakusho back in the day, has suffered from chronic debilitating back pain for years. The back pain described in these author notes is debilitating to say the least.

Is HXH dead?

Togashi is alive. He is 54 years old. He is known to suffer from chronic back pain that inhibits his ability to draw. He has said that he still plans to finish hxh, but he hasn't been in a chapter in almost 2 years.

Who all died in HXH?

How did Kortopi die?

However, he was killed by Hisoka without being able to inflict any major injuries. Shalnark commented that he had been in the lavatory for a long time, possibly implying that he managed to fight, though despite the proximity, Shalnark felt no aura or heard any sound.

Is Feitan a Zoldyck?

No. He's not even in the family photo of the Zoldyck family. If Feitan was a Zoldyck, then he would have recognized Killua when they were captured by the Phantom Troupe, and his Killia's sister who joined the group would also have recognized Feitan. Feitan is not a Zoldyck.

Can hisoka beat Feitan?

Hisoka and Feitan are probably evenly matched, so yes Hisoka can beat Feitan.

Are illumi and hisoka married?

To help in the search for Hisoka, Chrollo has invited to the company the person closest to him, Illumi Zoldyck. Killua's brother introduces himself to the group, casually revealing that he and Hisoka are actually married. Both the Troupe and Hisoka are inside the Black Whale.

Is Leorio Gon's real father?

His master, his uncle… but not his father. Leorio cared about Gon as an older brother, but he was a father figure to Gon.

Is Ging the worst father?

Ging is a sexy beast. He's still better than Goku. Early on in the manga, he admits that he's a terrible father…not the worst ever, but definitely pretty awful.

Is Hisoka Gon's father?

No he is not. Gon's father is Ging Freces, a high-ranking member of the Hunter Association who is many times stronger than Hisoka. Hisoka could kill Gon whenever he wants, but he wants him to survive and get stronger so they can have a good fight in the future.

Is Hisoka really Gon's brother?

GingFreecs is the father of Gon Freeks, who is the protagonist of this anime. There is apparently no connection between Ging and Hisoka, as the latter was raised with a circus outfit and learned Nen from a circus master, while Ging had a family. So, at the age of 12, he left his family to become a Hunter.

Did Killua kill Illumi?

Yes. Unfortunately Killua didn't know boy at this time. He also had the Illumini pin on his head. Almost after recovering from the psycho torch, he killed Bodoro thinking it was Illumi.

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Will this series ever finish?! Probably not, but I'm all here for what happens next!

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