Why should you delete your account and stop using WhatsApp?

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Why should you delete your account and stop using WhatsApp?

If you delete your account, the following will happen: Your WhatsApp account will be deleted. Your message history will be deleted. You will be removed from all your WhatsApp groups. These are the six reasons why WhatsApp will close your account starting April 1
1. Inactivity The main reason for closing an account will be if it is inactive for more than 120 days in a row. …
2. Using WhatsApp Plus…
3. No more spam…
4. Blocks from other users…
5. Eliminate fake news…
6. Sharing inappropriate files or documents…

What happens when you delete WhatsApp account?

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If you delete your account, the following will happen: Your WhatsApp account will be deleted. Your message history will be deleted. You will be removed from all your WhatsApp groups.

Why are WhatsApp accounts closed?

Your account may be suspended because using an unofficial WhatsApp app violates our Terms of Service. To ensure you have access to WhatsApp, reconfirm your number on our official app, which you can download from our website: www.whatsapp.com/download.

How long does WhatsApp account suspension last?

The account recovery process may take several days, you will have to be patient. Furthermore, writing to support does not guarantee that they will remove your suspension: everything will depend on whether WhatsApp considers it appropriate or not to return your account. Generally, it doesn't take more than three days.

When I delete my WhatsApp account, what do my contacts see?

Your contacts don't receive any notification that you've deleted your account, and they may continue sending you messages if they're not paying attention.

How to suspend a WhatsApp number?

Send an email to the address [email protected] with the subject “Stolen/lost phone: Please deactivate my account”, and then in the body of the message we will have to write our number in the international format, that is, including the code of the country that, in the case of Mexico “+52”.

How to delete a WhatsApp number?

Send us an email including the phrase “Stolen/Lost phone: Please deactivate my account” in your message and your phone number in the full international format.

How to know if you have been reported on WhatsApp?

Can't see profile photo updates. All messages sent to a contact that has blocked you remain with a single tick (message sent) but the second tick (indicating the delivery of the message) never appears. It is not possible to make a call to that person.

What happens to the numbers reported on WhatsApp?

When you report someone on WhatsApp, your chat will automatically be sent to a database in the app. Specifically, they will be the last 5 messages that the other person has sent you. At that time WhatsApp will evaluate your report request.

What happens when you report a person on WhatsApp?

What happens when I report someone on WhatsApp? When you decide to report a person, the following will happen: WhatsApp receives information about the person you have reported and the last five messages sent, with information about the time it was sent and the content of the message: image, video, text etc

How to know if a WhatsApp account no longer exists?

There is considered inactivity when the user does not connect to WhatsApp. For the account to be active, you need to have an Internet connection. If the user has the WhatsApp app open on the device, but is not connected to the Internet, the account is inactive.

How to know if a person has WhatsApp plus?

These users have the function of showing that they have read the messages (with blue checkmarks) only when they respond in the chat. That is, if the little blue arrows never appear and they are only activated when someone answers you, then it is possible that they have this non-original version.

How to know if someone has changed their number on WhatsApp?

If you need to know if a contact changed their WhatsApp number, it is possible if you enter an individual conversation and the application itself displays the message “you changed your phone number, tap to add a message or add a new number.” This way it will be known that that contact changed their number.

When someone blocks you can you see if they are online?

If you are blocked by a contact, the following will happen: You will no longer be able to see the latest information. never see the contact's online status in the chat window. For more information, see this article.

What is the difference between normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

The appearance is one of the differences between the two applications, in fact, WhatsApp Plus has more emojis and more backgrounds available, with a more complete interface. In addition, the limit for sharing files in WhatsApp Plus is larger, reaching 50 MB without losing image quality.

How to Unblock me from someone who blocked me on WhatsApp without deleting my account?

How to unblock myself from someone who blocked me on WhatsApp without deleting my account? This is not really possible. Once you are blocked there is no other way to reverse it other than deleting your account. You could use another messaging app to contact the person.

What happens if I installed WhatsApp Plus?

What dangers does WhatsApp Plus have? The first danger that WhatsApp Plus has is that it is an app whose APK may have malware. This is because there is no official page to download it from, there are hundreds on the Internet, and many of them may have a virus included that will infect your mobile.

When a person has WhatsApp Plus, can they see hidden statuses?

One of the main questions WhatsApp Plus users have is whether they can see others' hidden statuses. The answer is no.

When someone blocks you is it because they care about you?

Is blocking someone giving them importance? Blocking someone is not giving importance to that person, but rather an act of giving importance to what you feel and how you react if your ex-partner contacts you.

How do I contact a person who blocked me?

How to talk to someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp It is very simple, but you will need the collaboration of a third person to be able to execute it without any problem. Open your WhatsApp application and ask a mutual friend of yours and the blocked person if they can create a group with the three of you.

Many experts warn that since it does not belong to an official version, this application could cause security problems with your personal data and leave them more exposed.

What is the best WhatsApp to download?

The most recent version of WhatsApp is, which is available for download in the official stores of the Android and iOS operating systems. It is always recommended to use the latest version of WhatsApp as it includes the newest features and bug fixes.

How do I know who sees my status in a hidden way?

When asked, who sees my WhatsApp status hidden? The answer is easy, because all the people you have in your contacts, but who do not have the read confirmation activated, will be able to see your statuses without the application notifying you.

How do I know how many times they have seen my WhatsApp status?

At the bottom you will see the icon of an eye with a number that acts as a pupil. The number corresponds to the number of people who have seen this status and if you click on it, a list appears with the number of people who have seen it and the time at which they accessed it.

How many WhatsApp can you have on a cell phone?

Officially, you can only install one WhatsApp application and use one account per phone, but there are ways to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on a cell phone, with pre-installed third-party applications or utilities.

WhatsApp Plus: what it allows you to do unlike the official one Like the original, WhatsApp Plus allows users to chat, send photos, emojis, videos, documents and files, but it also has functionalities that are not found in the official version such as changing the color to the chats and the interface.

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