What was the first fiction ever written?

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What was the first fiction ever written?

What was the first fiction ever written?

The Enchanted Duplicator Many fans of these groups, such as Isaac Asimov, became published authors, blurring the distinction between amateur fan and professional writer. In 1952, the world's first fanfic book about fans appeared.

What does K+ mean in fanfiction?

minor violence

What is the most read fanfiction?

Most popular sections

how old is wattpad

With the launch of the App Store in 2008, Wattpad is now available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. In 2010, the Wattpad team doubles (up to six full-time employees and four co-op students). As of 2011, Wattpad has attracted 1 million registered users and over $4.1 million in funding.

What is the best FanFiction ever written?

21 Completely Captivating Fan Fictions You Can't Stop Reading

Is AO3 better than Wattpad?

AO3 vs Wattpad. Wattpad is definitely a popular and widely used site for sharing stories, but AO3 (Own Archive) is a better site because the tagging system is awesome, doesn't use book covers or chapters, and in general , has an older version. public

Is AO3 illegal?

AO3 allows the publication of content that is legal in the US.

What is wattpad after dark?

Wattpad, the world's largest community of readers and writers, is heating things up with the release of After Dark, a free app for iOS devices that offers a curated reading experience for lovers of mature romance. Readers can comment and vote on After Dark stories just like on Wattpad.

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