What strategies can you use to avoid plagiarism?

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What strategies can you use to avoid plagiarism?

What strategies can you use to avoid plagiarism?

How to avoid plagiarism

What are some good note-taking strategies?

Strategies for taking good class notes

How many words can you copy before it's plagiarism?


What are the penalties for plagiarism?

Students who plagiarize or engage in academic dishonesty face serious consequences. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspension of an assignment, reduction in grade or suspension from the course, and possibly dismissal.

What is the punishment for plagiarism at university?

Some consequences of committing plagiarism are: Having to attend a workshop on plagiarism. Failing your course. Face disciplinary actions. Suspension or expulsion from your university.

Is plagiarism a crime?

Copyright laws are absolute. You may not use someone else's material without citation and reference. An author has the right to sue for plagiarism. Some plagiarism can also be considered a criminal offence, possibly leading to a prison sentence.

How does the plagiarism checker work?

  1. Copy and paste your text into the search box, up to 1000 words per search.
  2. Or, upload your document or text file using the Choose File button.
  3. Click "Check Plagiarism"
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