What is VIPKid certification?

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What is VIPKid certification?

What is VIPKid certification?

As a VIPKID teacher, certifications should be a term you know and understand. Teachers obtain certifications in order to teach new levels of students. These certifications help parents select the perfect VIPKID teacher for their son or daughter.

What certification do you need for VIPKid?

Vipkid requirements must have a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA or an official teaching certificate from your country. VIPKid DOES provide TESOL certification to its teachers in the training process, but it is not recognized by other companies in the industry.

How much do you really earn with VIPKid?

The minimum class pay for VIPKID is $7-$9 per 25-minute class (so $14-$18 per hour). But there are other cash incentives too, like $1 per class for showing up on time and an extra $1 per class for completing more than 45 classes in a month.

How does VIPKid verify your title?

VIPKid accepts images of any of the following: Photo of the physical certificate of degree or higher. Copy of the official record (signed, stamped or watermarked) indicating that you have obtained the bachelor's degree or higher. Degree verification by the National Students Clearing House.

How long does it take to receive reservations on Vipkid?

Most of us don't have the luxury of booking classes immediately once VIP Kid hires us. Expect to wait between 48 hours and 4 weeks before booking to teach your first class.

Can you teach Vipkid at night?

When can I teach a night? Technically, you can teach one night any day of the week if you can book it! This usually means weekends, but you're more likely to be successful on weekdays if you're teaching very young students who aren't in school yet.

VIPKID can look like almost anything you want: you can turn it into a full-time job and work all hours of the night, earning $4,000 a month. Or you can do what I do and teach a few hours every morning, earning anywhere from $150-$700 a month, depending on your schedule.

You Can Make More Money When you teach a VIPKID class on short notice, you do the exact same amount of work but make $2 more. If you booked two short notice classes within an hour, you would earn an additional $4 in bonuses.

How much do you get paid for Vipkid trial classes?

You don't get paid extra to teach VIPKid trial classes, but you do get paid half IF they don't show up to class. You will also receive a $5 bonus per trial student who signs up after your class. Some teachers don't like trial classes, but I personally like them for that $5 bonus potential!.

What does 24 hours mean on Vipkid?

Short notice allows you to mark a place to reserve within 24 hours of the class time. You can designate any slot as an SN, even if you opened it well in advance. If the space is not reserved in advance, it can be collected up to one hour before class time.

What does PPT mean in Vipkid?

rush hour and rush hour

How far in advance can parents book Vipkid?

two weeks

How do Vipkid teachers get paid?

VIPKid pay starts at $7 per class with an incentive based on classes taught. For your first 20 classes, you get paid $. 80 per class. VIPKid has a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment option via direct deposit.

What are the peak times for Gogokid?

Peak teaching hours are 12:00 PM to 9:00 AM EST and 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST. You only need to teach a minimum of one class per week. Gogokid pays $14-$25 per hour based on grades, attendance and your performance.

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