What is unlimited WhatsApp?

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What is unlimited WhatsApp?

It is a functionality that allows you to use the WhatsApp application, unlimitedly, without it being deducted from your megabytes or data plan. It is a functionality that allows you to use the WhatsApp application, in an unlimited way, without it being deducted from your megabytes or data plan. data plan. What can I do with WhatsApp Unlimited? With WhatsApp Unlimited you can: Send and receive text messages, audios, images, videos and files. Share phonebook or location contacts.

What does it mean to have free WhatsApp?

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This new benefit includes: Sending and receiving text messages. Sending and receiving voice notes. Sending and downloading photos, videos and gifs (only if they are downloaded to your computer)

How to buy unlimited WhatsApp from viva?

5 days unlimited WhatsApp, TikTok and Instagram! favorite social networks. Redeem it by dialing *513# or through VIVA APP.

How much does it cost to send a WhatsApp abroad?

Therefore, you will be able to send messages for free, without paying any money, to anyone in whatever part of the world you are in, just as they will be able to send them to you. The fact that you are in another country does not change anything.

How to put unlimited internet on Viva?

Activate another package by dialing #123# so you can continue enjoying the internet at maximum speed. You can also activate additional Packages for Unlimited Voice, Long Distance, Mega Packages, and Mini Messages, so you can talk and chat much more.

How do you buy viva packages?

To buy internet data bags for cell phones you can call *511# and the purchase options will immediately appear on your screen.

What is Viva Tuesday?

With sMartes you have unique unlimited offers at 0.99 Bs every Tuesday. With Double Load you have the option to double the credit you recharge once a month.

How much do I have to recharge to have free WhatsApp in person?

2 GB + WhatsApp for 7 days INCLUDES 2GB AND FREE WHATSAPP.

How much do you pay to use WhatsApp?

How much does WhatsApp cost us per day? If we take into account that the application costs €0.76 per year, it gives us a total of €0.063 per month or €0.0021 per day. In other words, the cost of WhatsApp per day is less than a cent per day.

How to make WhatsApp clear?

Open WhatsApp and tap the more options icon > Settings > Chats > Theme. Choose one of the following options: Dark: Tap Dark > OK. Light: Turn off dark mode.

How much does a call through WhatsApp cost?

The calling feature allows you to call your contacts for free using WhatsApp, even if they are in another country. This feature uses your phone's Internet connection instead of your mobile provider's calling plan.

How can I talk WhatsApp with someone from another country?

When you add the contact's phone number, start by including the plus symbol (+). Enter the country code followed by the full phone number. Note: A country code is a numerical prefix that is entered before entering the full national telephone number in order to call another country.

What is unlimited connection?

When a user is told about unlimited data, they imagine that they will be able to browse the internet without restrictions. That is, the data will never run out and you will always have the same internet connection speed.

How do unlimited plans work?

It actually refers to unlimited data to use any app, watch videos, download files, play online games, upload and share media files, stream music and video, and in a nutshell, you name it. This also includes unlimited calls and SMS messages.

How to know the VIVA balance?

📞Call *105# At this moment you will receive a message on your screen with all the information about your balance. In this option you can also view all the balances available on your line, including the expiration date, balance in MB, credit, etc.

How can I add megabytes to my cell phone?

Dial *133# from your Telcel line. Choose the “Internet friend” option and then mark the “Buy” option. Choose between the packages you have to recharge. Select the payment method to purchase the megabytes and follow the instructions.

What does Alba mean in VIVA?

Alba means dawn, the first light of day before the sun rises.

How is the double live charge done?

To activate your double charge day, the user must call *222#, or 103, or through the VIVA APP application, before recharging. Users ported to VIVA will be able to enable the benefit from the day of activation.

How long does an unused cell phone chip last?

How long can an idle chip last? You will simply have to make a call or send an SMS to keep the service active. In these 6 months you will be able to use all the services on your line without any problem or restriction, for example receiving calls or SMS.

How much do you have to charge in clear to have WhatsApp free for 30 days?

What is the Prepaid Plan?

Basically, a prepaid line, as its name suggests, the service is prepaid, that is, before using it, the balance is recharged and it can be used. When the balance you purchased runs out, whether for calls, messages or megabytes for data transfer, you have to pay again to enjoy the service.

What is the name of the app that pays you to chat?

This is Chad2Win, the mobile messaging application that pays to chat.

How much does WhatsApp cost on the iPhone?

WhatsApp works on mobile devices and computers, even with slow connections, and has no subscription fee*.

How does WhatsApp make money if it is a free application?

WhatsApp primarily makes money through its business messaging platform, WhatsApp Business, which offers services to businesses to help them communicate with their customers. It also makes money with its payments feature, WhatsApp Pay.

What are the types of WhatsApp?

There are several types of WhatsApp to download divided into two large groups: the official ones (WhatsApp messenger, Business, Web and Desktop) and the modified ones (Plus, GB, Fouad, among others).

What is the name of iPhone WhatsApp?

The official WhatsApp app for iPhone is simply called “WhatsApp” and is available in the Apple App Store.

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