What is the job description of a pet groomer?

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What is the job description of a pet groomer?

What is the job description of a pet groomer?

Pet groomer responsibilities include bathing animals of various sizes and temperaments, trimming, clipping or shaving hair/fur and removing tangled hair. You should also be able to make sure that cleaning tools and equipment are in good condition.

Is it hard to be a dog groomer?

Being a pet groomer is hard work, but it can be fun and rewarding depending on who you work with. Of course, some animals are more difficult to clean than others. Sometimes you will have a good day and sometimes it will be rough.

How much money do you need to start a dog grooming business?

You'll need at least $50,000 to get started, and that includes all cleaning supplies, business licenses, and office space. If you need to hire staff, you'll need to budget for a monthly price for their pay, as well as the ongoing costs of employee training, utilities, and beauty products.

How much money do hairdressers make?

How Much Do Pet Groomers Get Paid? According to an independent study conducted by payscale.com, the average dog groomer salary in the United States is $29,848. This means that some dog groomers earn more and others less. On the low end, you have your introductory preparers making roughly $17,000.

Is dog grooming a good business?

Dog grooming salons can be a profitable option for those looking to start a business in the animal services industry. Dog grooming businesses should show continued profitability as the more than 63 million households with dogs continue to increase their spending across the board on pet care and services.

What work can I do with animals?

I want a job working with animals – what careers are there?

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