What is the importance of WhatsApp?

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What is the importance of WhatsApp?

One of the greatest benefits of using WhatsApp lies in improving communication, as it allows you to share relevant feedback, facilitate tutoring processes, and promote informal learning. More than 2 billion people in more than 180 countries use WhatsApp1 to support themselves. Stay in touch with friends and family, anytime, anywhere. WhatsApp is a free app2 and offers simple, secure and reliable messaging and calling, and is available on phones everywhere in the world.

How important is WhatsApp in the lives of teenagers?

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It can become an inconvenience since: If a minor shares their location with strangers, it can imply a risk to their privacy and even a physical risk in a hypothetical encounter. It can encourage abuse of control by third parties by depriving you of your freedom.

What does WhatsApp summary mean?

The name WhatsApp comes from a play on words in the English language. In this language, the expression “What's up?” is used, which can be translated as “What's new?” or “How are you doing?” Additionally, the word “app” is used to refer to an “application” (that is, an application).

What is WhatsApp as a means of communication?

WhatsApp allows informal, fast and direct communication. The normal thing is that companies communicate their successes by sending an email, which greatly delays the reception of the news, losing its force.

How does WhatsApp influence education?

The use of WhatsApp in education motivates students and workers to work using a tool they know and like. In addition, there are many benefits in the relationship between students and institution: A more personalized monitoring of the student's educational process is facilitated.

What are the main features of WhatsApp?

The App is used to communicate by text with your contacts, send photos, videos or documents. You have access to conventional telephone calls and WhatsApp calls. You can even make video calls. With the advantage that, if you connect to a network via Wi-Fi, the call is free, if it does not consume data.

What is the social impact of WhatsApp?

Firstly, with the appearance of WhatsApp, there is the possibility of transmitting information such as photos, voice notes, and messages to people who are not in our environment. This amplifies the communicative possibility and therefore the social nature of man is benefited.

What is the minimum age to use WhatsApp?

If you reside in a country outside the European Region, you must be at least 13 years of age (or older if required by your country's laws) to register for WhatsApp and use the service. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

How does the telephone affect young people?

Excessive use of smartphones can cause dependence and other disorders in adolescents, such as anxiety, stress and insomnia; could affect their academic performance, warned specialists from the “Dos de Mayo” National Hospital.

How many young people use WhatsApp?

This reflects that 9 out of 10 young people have access to a cell phone. The figures also showed that more than 90% of these young users use the WhatsApp messaging application. The entire target group, with Facebook and Instagram, completes the top three social networks most used by the young population.

What would happen if WhatsApp did not exist?

We could talk to our friends and acquaintances without the cell phone in our hand. Face to face, examining not only the words but also what the eyes suggest. We wouldn't have to move down the street guided by what we have on our phone screen.

What was communication like before WhatsApp?

Before WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, people chose to communicate on the phone, send messages via SMS and write emails. However, the immediacy they guarantee was key in their consolidation as three of the most popular applications in the world.

What benefits does WhatsApp have in virtual classes?

Communication through WhatsApp is fast and in real time. Students interact with written messages, explanatory audios, videos and photographs of their evidence and links to access other platforms.

What are the new features of WhatsApp?

The app increased the limit on the number of files that can be shared in a single message, now users can send up to 100 images or videos within their chats. So people will have an easier time sending entire albums to a group or individual conversation with friends or family.

What is WhatsApp introduction?

WhatsApp is a free app for iPhone, Android smartphones, Mac, and Windows computers. It allows you to send messages, images, videos and even voice recordings, voice and video calls over the internet for free.

How many functions does WhatsApp have?

WhatsApp: 38 functions and tricks to get the most out of the messaging app. We bring you a compilation with 38 functions and tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp, possibly the most used messaging application in this part of the world.

What is the country of origin of WhatsApp?

How many people in the world use WhatsApp?

Zuckerberg continues to bring together most of the social networks with the most users in the world: Facebook (2,958 million users), WhatsApp (2,000 million users), Instagram (2,000 million users) and Messenger (931 million users), all them in the top 7 of this ranking.

Who was the one who invented WhatsApp?

What is the new name of WhatsApp?

Currently it is called “WhatsApp Messenger”. And the application, in addition to having the option to send messages, you can call and even send messages.

What type of social network is WhatsApp?

What type of social network is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging social network in the world, and that is why the vast majority of users with a Smartphone have this application.

What are the main features of WhatsApp?

The application allows you to send and receive messages over the Internet, as well as images, videos, audios, audio recordings (voice notes), documents, locations, contacts, gifs, stickers, as well as calls and video calls with several participants at the same time, including other functions.​ WhatsApp automatically integrates…

What are the types of WhatsApp?

There are several types of WhatsApp to download divided into two large groups: the official ones (WhatsApp messenger, Business, Web and Desktop) and the modified ones (Plus, GB, Fouad, among others).

How does the cell phone affect you mentally?

Using mobile phones for 2 hours per day for social networking services and online chats is associated with an increased risk of depression. Excessive cell phone use may be linked to unhealthy sleeping habits and insomnia.

How does excessive cell phone use affect you mentally?

The excessive use of electronic devices during the pandemic can cause lack of sleep, dependency, and stress in people, situations that affect their mental health, as pointed out by the professor at the Institute of Psychological Research of the School of Psychology of the University of Costa Rica …

What is it like to be addicted to your cell phone?

Mobile addiction is an excessive and unhealthy dependence on smartphones or mobile phones in a general sense. The person finds pleasure in repetitive behavior linked to the mobile phone, whether it is constantly checking social networks, sending messages, making calls or playing games.

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