Should I put perfect attendance on my resume?

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Should I put perfect attendance on my resume?

Should I put perfect attendance on my resume?

There's also no need to exaggerate your achievements. For some jobs, noting that you "had a perfect attendance record" is enough. However, even briefly relating how you go "above and beyond" can turn an otherwise bland resume into one that will land you the interview.

How can you say nice to people in a resume?

If you indicate that you are a person in your job application, you are more likely to be selected for an interview.

  1. Communication skills. Strong communication skills are the essence of being a person.
  2. Customer service.
  3. Multiculturalism and diversity.
  4. Artistic supervision.
  5. Team player.

How do you list fast learners on a resume?

You can also use phrases as ways of saying "quick learner". Consider active statements such as "Able to grasp new concepts quickly," "Excellent ability to retain new things," or "I can assimilate new ideas efficiently."

How do you say have a good day in a cute way?

Other ways to say "Have a great day" Have a great day! I hope your day is great! Today will be the best! Have a splendid day!

What can I say instead of having fun?

What is another word for having fun?

How do you say enjoy the rest of the day?

"Enjoy the rest of your day" or "I hope you enjoy your day" would sound a bit more colloquial. Or even more commonly used "Have a nice day" or "have a nice day".

Do you have a good break from your meaningful day?

I think "have a good day" is a subtle way of saying that I won't be able to answer you today if you have any more questions/follow-ups, so I won't talk to you. during the rest of the day. You could say, "Well, since I won't talk to you again today, have a good day," but that would be weird.

Is having a good day off grammatically correct?

No. "Enjoy the rest of your day." "Have a nice day". They are grammatically correct and should be used in place.

How do you tell someone to get a good night's rest?

Go to bed

  1. Good night.
  2. sleep well
  3. Have a good night's sleep.
  4. Make sure you sleep well.
  5. I hope you sleep well.
  6. see you in the morning
  7. Sweet Dreams.
  8. Sleep well!

What are the different ways to say rest?

other words for taking a break

  1. lie down
  2. lean back.
  3. support.
  4. take it easy.
  5. to relax.
  6. calm down.
  7. relax
  8. rest.

What is a good rest alternative?

Don't forget to say your prayers. Sleep well my little prince/princess… Good night lovers

How do you say you slept well?

A simple translation would be: “¿Has dormido bien?” “Yes, I slept very well!” Some more natural forms for the answer are: "Yes, I slept great!" “Yes, great!” (without repeating the verb here, because it is known from the question) And if you want some more casual expressions: "Yes, he slept like a…

Did you sleep well or well?

The correct usage is "sleep well". 'Well' is an adverb; is used to describe (give more information about) verbs. In your example, "well" is describing the verb "sleep" (past tense of "sleep"); you're talking about how you slept. "How did you sleep?"

How do you ask someone if they are awake?

how to ask a person if they are still awake? "Have you slept yet?" or "are you sleeping yet?" If you want to use the words "sleep" and "already," you can ask, "Are you already asleep?" or "Have you gone to sleep yet?"

What does it mean when someone says sleep well?

People who are on their way to bed are said to sleep well. It's a nice comment that means "I hope you get all the rest you need and don't have any nasty dreams." Yes, I agree, that is the usual meaning of this common phrase.

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