How to play the sounds of incoming and outgoing messages in WhatsApp?

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How to play the sounds of incoming and outgoing messages in WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp. Tap More options > Settings > Notifications > turn Talk Tones on or off. Tap the play icon to listen to voice messages you've sent or received.
Listen to the message. With the telephone headset: Hold the device next to your ear to hear the message through the headset. …
While a message is playing, you can tap the 1x icon to speed up the speed to 1.5x or 2x.

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How to recover the sound of WhatsApp messages?

Open WhatsApp. Tap More options > Settings > Notifications > turn Talk Tones on or off.

Why aren't my WhatsApp messages ringing?

Check that Do Not Disturb mode is disabled, or that WhatsApp notifications are allowed with priority mode. Go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb.

How to add sound to WhatsApp notifications?

To do this, go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications. You can choose different tones for individual messages, group messages and WhatsApp calls.

Why can't I hear notifications?

Android phone Settings > Notification panel & status bar > Notification center, search for Signal, and turn on Allow notifications and Show priority.

What are pop-up notifications?

The pop-up notification appears as soon as the app issues the notification and disappears after a moment, but remains visible in the notification side panel as usual.

What are WhatsApp pop-ups?

What is the floating or free window This is a different tool than the possibility of dividing the screen in two. Here what the cell phone does is run the application in a small box, which can move around the entire screen and change size.

How to set custom notification sound?

The first thing to do is access the Settings menu (this can be done using the gear icon in the Notification Bar). Now look for a section called Sound and select it.

How do I configure WhatsApp?

Android: Tap the more options icon > Settings > Privacy. iPhone: Tap Settings > Privacy. KaiOS: Press Options > Settings > Account > Privacy. Desktop: Click the menu icon > Settings > Privacy.

How to see silent notifications?

Open the phone's Settings app. Notifications. Under “Lock Screen,” tap Notifications on lock screen or On lock screen. Choose Show silent and alert notifications.

How to activate WhatsApp pop-up notifications in Android 13?

Keep your finger pressed on the WhatsApp icon until a pop-up menu appears. Tap on the 'Info' option. of application'. This shortcut will send you to the app settings, where you can check if 'Notifications' are off or on. You just have to mark them as 'Yes' and that's it.

What are WhatsApp notifications?

WhatsApp notifications (also called push notifications) are messages that a company sends to its customers through the app. Like a message we receive from friends and family on WhatsApp, a company notification is a message that appears on the lock screen of our cell phones.

How do I activate the red WhatsApp notification balloon?

How they are activated Once inside we enter the Settings and click on the 'Notifications' section. Then we select 'Advanced settings' and enter 'Notf balloons. 'applications' and slide the switch to the right to activate.

What is a floating window?

As its name suggests, these are small windows in which you can play multimedia content while using other functions or even other applications at the same time. So we can carry out other tasks while we continue viewing its content.

What are pop-up windows and what are they for?

A pop-up window is an advertising system that consists of opening in our browser, above the site we are visiting at that moment, a window in which advertising information appears about a product or service that is what we want to promote.

Where are advanced settings in WhatsApp?

Enter WhatsApp, followed by the Settings option. Then select “Notifications”. There click on “Advanced settings”.

What is Reading Settings?

Read receipts appear next to messages you send, each indicating the following: The message was sent successfully. The message was successfully delivered to the recipient's phone or linked devices. The recipient read the message.

What happens if I activate push notifications?

The main purpose of push notifications is to achieve more direct communication with the users of an app. Companies use this as a channel to send messages for promotional and commercial purposes.

What does it mean to activate push?

Push notifications allow notices to reach us instantly. Without having to interact with the application itself. That causes our attention to be diverted directly to that alert the moment it appears.

Why can't I hear the sound on my cell phone?

Restart the phone. Make sure the screen protector or case is not covering the speaker or microphone holes. Update the device software to the latest version. Change Wi-Fi Calling preferences to Cellular Preferred or Cellular Only.

Why does my cell phone lose sound?

The first reason why the sound of a mobile phone stops being heard is because we have lowered the volume. Normally when we press the volume buttons we do it on purpose but many people do it without realizing it, when they pick up the phone by squeezing the edges.

Why can't I hear anything on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds & vibration) and drag the Ringer & alerts slider back and forth a few times. If you don't hear any sound or if the speaker button on the Ringer & Alerts slider appears grayed out, your speaker may need technical support.

What does silent notification mean?

Silent: Notifications do not make a sound or vibrate, but are displayed when you swipe down from the top of the screen.

How to activate floating notifications?

You just have to go to Settings > Notifications and tap on the button called “Floating”. This will take us to a new tab where we can manually choose the apps that do and do not have access to this type of alerts on our mobile.

What are the emerging elements?

A popup is a presentation object that allows you to work with fields, text, and other objects in a presentation. Pop-ups let you access additional details or controls on your data without having to switch to another layout or window, helping you maintain the context of your work.

How to activate WhatsApp popup on iPhone?

Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > In-app notifications. Make sure notifications are turned on in both WhatsApp and iPhone settings.

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