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Enter the application Settings. Now go to Chats. At that time you must deactivate the “Keep chats archived” tab. If you have this function activated, archived chats will remain archived when you receive a new message.7 hours agoHere we explain how you can hide it
1. Go to Play Store or App Store and download the latest version of WhatsApp.
2. Enter the instant messaging application and press the three dots icon (upper right corner).
3. A list of options will be displayed. …
4. A new window will appear with several sections. …
5. There is a sub-section called keep chats archived that is activated. …

Why are my archived chats on top of Whatsapp?

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If you see the Archived box at the top of the screen, it means that all your archived chats will always remain hidden and you will never see a new message from archived chats.

How to change the location of archived files in WhatsApp?

we click on chats. and then we go to the part where it says. archived chats. here we uncheck this box.

Does the other person know if you archive a chat on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp will not notify the other person if you archive the conversation, as it does not inform them if you deleted it. It also has no effect on your online status: all archived chats will still be displayed if you are online.

How to hide a contact in WhatsApp without Archiving?

Open the “Contacts” application on your cell phone. Find the contact you want to hide on WhatsApp and go to the section to edit the contact. Now go to the phone number and simply delete the +52 prefix and just leave the “+” and the number. Example: if you have +5255xxxxxxxx, then it must be +55xxxxxxxx.

How can I see hidden chats on WhatsApp?

To view your hidden chats on WhatsApp, open the archive folder. You'll find this folder at the top of your chat menu. Then, click on the Achieve button to view your hidden chats on WhatsApp.

What happens when someone has you on file?

Archived and muted An archived chat simply means that it no longer appears in the recent conversations section. However, it reappears the moment we receive a new message, regardless of whether we have archived the conversation. This is no longer the case with 'Read later'.

What happens when you file someone?

The chat archive feature allows you to hide an individual or group chat from your chat list to better organize your conversations. Note: Archiving a chat does not delete the chat or back it up to your SD card.

Can you still see messages if they are archived?

Archived conversations disappear from the home screen, but you can still read them. Mark everything as read. . If you use Messages as your default messaging app, deleted conversations will also be deleted from your device.

How do you hide or archive text messages on iPhone?

Step 1: Navigate to Settings. Step 2: Go to Messages. Step 3: Select Notifications. Step 4: Tap Show Previews and then select Never.

How do you know if a person files you?

How do I know that they have me archived on WhatsApp? Go to the bottom of the chat list and you will see the “Archived Chats” tab next to the number of conversations you have saved in it. If you just want to read the conversation you can do so from right here. View archived individual or group chats.

How to know if a person has silenced you on WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp. Send a message to said contact and tag them if they are in a group. If the contact's cell phone rings, it means they haven't silenced you. If your cell phone doesn't ring or the other contact doesn't respond for a long time, you may have been silenced.

What is the difference between archiving and deleting?

Whether you delete or archive an email message, it will disappear from your inbox. A deleted message goes to the Trash folder, but an archived message defaults to the Archive or All Mail folder in Gmail/Google Apps.

What happens when you hide an online chat?

The hidden chat feature in LINE is a great tool to use if you want to protect all the images and messages you send in a specific chat. The way this feature works is that you will receive a message that says “Hidden message” and it will only show the content of the message when you tap it.

Can you hide a contact on an iPhone?

Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner. Select Hide from contacts. The hidden contact will no longer appear in the iPhone contact list. Tap the small + icon in the top right corner to display the contact.

How to hide a contact on the phone?

The easiest way to hide a contact is to install the Private Space app. As the name suggests, when you add the contact within that app, it will be invisible in the Android contact list.

Can text messages be hidden?

Archiving messages in Android Messages lets you archive conversations so you can hide them from your home screen without having to permanently delete them. Tap and hold the conversation you want to hide. A list of icons will appear at the top of the screen. Tap the folder with an arrow pointing down.

Can you hide messages on iPhone without deleting them?

How to hide texts on iPhone without deleting them: 10 easy methods. 1 Keep your messages blurry with Invisible Ink. 2 Back up your messages to a password-protected Notes document. 3 Hide specific conversations with the Unknown Senders filter.

What happens when a person is silenced on WhatsApp?

Silencing a chat means that you will not receive any type of alert or notification of the messages received from that WhatsApp contact or group. If I silence someone on WhatsApp, I receive the messages. Yes, they receive your messages and can continue sending you messages.

What is the difference between blocking and muting on WhatsApp?

Silencing a user is the best way to ignore each and every one of their messages, but without them realizing it. Unlike blocking, the other person won't know they've been muted, while you'll be free of notifications or any message prompts.

When you block someone on WhatsApp, does the other person notice?

If you decide to block someone, they will know right away, so no, there is no method to block someone on WhatsApp and go unnoticed. In other words: yes, if you block someone on WhatsApp, they realize that you have done it.

How to stop seeing someone's statuses without blocking them?

You can mute status updates from contacts you want so they no longer appear at the top of the Status tab. Open WhatsApp > Statuses. Select the contact you no longer want to see status updates from. Select Mute > Mute.

How do I know who has silenced me?

A menu of options will appear and you will click on the last one that says “Settings”. Again you will see more options, but this time you are going to select where it says "Privacy." More options will appear, and in the last section that says "Connections" you are going to click on the option called "Muted accounts."

Where do archived text messages go?

There are several methods to recover deleted text messages on an Android. If you archived the conversation, you'll find it in your Archived Inbox.

Is it better to archive or delete emails?

Most importantly, archiving emails helps reduce mental clutter, making your workday more enjoyable. Archiving emails is a better solution than deleting them if you ever need to access an old email in the future.

What does archiving messages do?

Archiving a conversation hides it from your inbox until the next time you chat with that person, while deleting a conversation permanently deletes the message history from your inbox.

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