How to have two WhatsApp on the same cell phone with a different Xiaomi Redmi 10 number?

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How to have two WhatsApp on the same cell phone with a different Xiaomi Redmi 10 number?

Enter the “Advanced functions” section. Find and press the “Dual Messenger” option. Activate the WhatsApp switch, by default it will appear deactivated. Android will ask you if you want to install a second copy of WhatsApp, tap on the “Install” button. If we want to clone or have two WhatsApp accounts, as well as duplicate any other MIUI app, we must perform the following steps:
Go to Settings > Applications > Dual applications
Choose the application that we want to clone or duplicate.

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How to activate the second WhatsApp account?

Enter the “Advanced functions” section. Find and press the “Dual Messenger” option. Activate the WhatsApp switch, by default it will appear deactivated. Android will ask you if you want to install a second copy of WhatsApp, tap the “Install” button.

How to activate dual applications?

Access the “settings” option. Select the “applications” option. Click on “dual applications”. Within this section you will find a list with all those applications that can be duplicated.

What is Xiaomi's second space?

The second space is a feature of mobile phones with MIUI that allows you to create a second user profile within your mobile, in such a way that you can have a personal space and a work space completely separated from each other, since they only share the internal memory of the terminal.

How many types of WhatsApp?

These are WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Beta, which give people different options in terms of functionality. We tell you what you can find in each of these versions of the software.

How to install WhatsApp if I don't have the chip?

How to use WhatsApp without the SIM card The second thing you should do is install the WhatsApp application on the phone that does not have a SIM and enter the number of the phone that does have it. You will receive the confirmation code on the second cell phone, and with this you will be able to enter WhatsApp in the one that does not have a chip.

What are dual applications?

Dual applications are those apps that we can duplicate and whose copy works independently of the original. This is quite useful in those applications that do not allow you to use more than one account, such as WhatsApp.

How do I see my daughter's WhatsApp?

At that moment you just have to go to Settings, Linked devices. On another cell phone you must scan the QR code that appears at the beginning of the quick messaging app. When you do this you will be able to review all the chats your child has with someone.

How to know if a person is hidden on WhatsApp?

How to know if there are hidden contacts? To access your “hidden people” just go to your WhatsApp application, scroll down to the bottom of the list of all your contacts and you will see small letters appear that indicate “Archived”. Click there and the people you have hidden will appear.

How many WhatsApp numbers can I have on my cell phone?

Officially you can only install one WhatsApp application and use one account per phone, but there are methods to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on the same phone, with third-party applications or with pre-installed utilities.

What is the name of the WhatsApp that can see deleted messages?

To look at messages deleted by other people in our chats we must use a third-party application, the most famous is WAMR. That's why today, we are going to teach you how to use this application so that you can recover messages deleted by your contacts.

What is the most used WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus is one of the best known: with it the messaging options are expanded.

How to create a WhatsApp account without a phone number?

Use WhatsApp with a landline To use WhatsApp without a mobile number, all you need is a valid and active landline. Additionally, your smartphone must be connected to the Internet. Since you won't have a mobile network, you can simply connect to a Wi-Fi network.

What happens to WhatsApp chats if you changed the chip to another cell phone?

Your account information, including profile photo, name, info, individual chats, group chats, and settings will be transferred from your old phone number to your new one. The WhatsApp account linked to the old number will be deleted, and your contacts will no longer see that number in their WhatsApp contact lists.

What is a twin app?

Twin app allows you to log into two WeChat accounts simultaneously without having to constantly switch accounts. This allows you to separate your private life from work.

Where is Xiaomi Dual Apps data saved?

Download a file explorer, the one you prefer and then create a dual application of this explorer, enter the explorer in dual application and there you will find the files of the dual applications.

How to put another user on Redmi?

If you are using a Xiaomi device, open Settings and select “Mi Account”. There you can create a new account with your current email address. Open the verification link in an email you receive, then return to Settings and complete the registration process.

What is Xiaomi working mode?

Work mode separates work applications and data on a Xiaomi device from personal applications and data. With work mode, IT departments can manage a work environment securely while allowing users to use their personal data and applications.

How to know who your partner is writing to on WhatsApp?

How do I know who my partner is chatting with on WhatsApp from my cell phone without them realizing it? The best option to achieve this is to use one of the spy and monitoring applications currently available. Some of the best include mSpy, Eyezy, and FlexiSpy.

What is the application to know who you are talking to on WhatsApp?

These are the applications to spy on your partner's WhatsApp: mSpy: the best for monitoring WhatsApp. SpyBubble – Best to check if your spouse is cheating on WhatsApp. XNSPY – To easily monitor all deleted conversations on WhatsApp.

How to have WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone?

No, you cannot use the same number for both things. The process of associating a phone number with the WhatsApp Business platform blocks the use of that number for a normal WhatsApp account.

What is the name of WhatsApp on iPhone?

The official WhatsApp app for iPhone is simply called “WhatsApp” and is available in the Apple App Store.

How to know if a person has WhatsApp Plus?

These users have the function of showing that they have read the messages (with blue checkmarks) only when they respond in the chat. That is, if the little blue arrows never appear and they are only activated when someone answers you, then it is possible that they have this non-original version.

How do I know if someone is watching if I'm online?

Who checks if I'm online WhatsApp? Currently, it is not possible to determine which of your contacts has specifically reviewed your WhatsApp profile at any given time. It is only possible to observe the last connection or its statuses, if you have been granted permission to do so.

How to know if a person is connected to WhatsApp?

How to know when someone connects to WhatsApp is very simple in principle. To do this, you just have to go to the contact in question that you want to know and verify their name in the same chat. The last connection time should appear below.

How to see deleted WhatsApp messages on a Xiaomi?

To see the deleted WhatsApp or Telegram messages from your Xiaomi, just click on the notifications of these applications. Depending on the device, the message can be read directly without having to tap on the notification. Although, in other cases, it is necessary to press.

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