How not to lose communications on a plane?

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How not to lose communications on a plane?

Find an aviation frequency Get a radio scanner that is capable of receiving frequencies between 118.0 and 136.975 MHz. You can also listen to air traffic services around the world on sites such as,, www.airnav .com and

How to listen to aircraft communications?

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Find an aviation frequency Get a radio scanner that is capable of receiving frequencies between 118.0 and 136.975 MHz. You can also listen to air traffic services around the world on sites such as,, www.airnav .com and

What happens if I don't put airplane mode on during a flight?

Only downloaded data, such as photos, videos or offline music or movies, can be used. And if a large number of passengers gather without activating airplane mode, this could cause a lot of noise to those in charge of taking the plane from the point of origin to its destination.

What means of communication does the plane use?

Planes travel from one place to another in the world at about 11 km high, and some even at the speed of sound. Therefore, the existence of a communication channel between them and the environment is necessary. And this means of communication is the radio.

What airplanes break the sound barrier?

However, we know that the F-15E Strike Eagle is an aircraft that is capable of reaching a maximum speed of more than 2,600 km/h (Mach 2.5+). That is, exceeding Mach 1 can break the sound barrier, causing a “sonic boom.”

How to listen to an airport control tower? is a website that shares the live signal from the control towers of the most important airports in the world where we can listen to the interaction of the air traffic controller with the pilot of the aircraft, ideal for those who enjoy listening to radio transmissions. , aviation enthusiasts,…

When you go on a plane can you use your cell phone?

Currently, regulations require passengers to turn off their cell phones or activate airplane mode before takeoff and throughout the duration of the flight, as a safety measure to avoid interference with any other electrical or telecommunications system on the airplane.

How to use WhatsApp on the plane?

If you travel abroad, you can use your WhatsApp account using a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Even if you use a SIM card from the country you are traveling to, you can still use WhatsApp with your original number.

What happens with WhatsApp in airplane mode?

WhatsApp includes its own “airplane mode”, this way you will only disconnect the internet from the aforementioned instant messaging platform, basically you will not send or receive text messages, calls and video calls, or even publish or see the statuses of your contacts.

What happens if I activate airplane mode and WiFi?

According to Google, when we activate airplane mode, both WiFi and Bluetooth will be disabled; However, we can change the configuration so that they remain active, as well as close them at any time.

What do pilots say before taking off?

But there is still one more message to listen to before takeoff and that also comes from the cockpit: “crew, prepare for takeoff.” Or its translation: “cabin crew prepared for take-off”.

What are the forms of communication?

There are four main communication styles: passive communication, aggressive communication, passive-aggressive communication and assertive communication. Each communication style can be used verbally, non-verbally, or in writing.

How important is air communication?

In aeronautics, communication plays an important role, on all fronts, pilots, air traffic controllers, cabin crew and mechanics, if we do not have good communication and it is not sincere, affective and respectful with the interlocutors who manipulate it, we can end up having problems in reporting…

What do the sounds on the plane mean?

According to the HuffPost newspaper, airplane sounds or “beeps” are part of the “secret code” that airlines and their cabin crew use to communicate. Each airline in the world has its own system and sound code.

How many decibels is the sound of an airplane?

Sound levels inside a standard airplane can quickly reach the maximum level of noise your ears pick up before it begins to affect your hearing. That level is 85 decibels. On takeoff and landing, the noise inside an airplane cabin can reach 105 decibels.

Which RAC tells us about aeronautical communications?

What sound does a plane make when taking off?

What happens if the sound barrier is broken?

The sound barrier is broken when exceeding this speed. When doing so, a phenomenon known as a sonic explosion or sonic boom is produced: like that produced by the cattle breeders' whip, which is considered the first human device designed to exceed the speed of sound.

What is the speed of an airplane?

According to Latam Airlines, among commercial aircraft, the fastest currently are the Airbus A33Neo, with a maximum speed of 1,000 miles per hour, and the Boeing B788, which reaches an incredible 1,051 miles per hour. All this, of course, under specific and ideal flight conditions.

What is the speed of a passenger plane?

What does the airport sensor detect?

X-ray baggage inspection detects and prevents access to prohibited materials, flammable, dangerous or illegal products without having to open the suitcases or bags or compromising the privacy of the user. Baggage inspection equipment works through X-ray radiation.

What do airport sensors detect?

The scanners placed in train stations and airports are prepared to detect all types of dangerous objects. But given the diversity of objects that can be in luggage, clearly visible or hidden, expert recognition of what the screen shows is needed.

What does the airport scanner scan?

This scanning system is capable of alerting to the presence of any type of foreign object regardless of the material it is made of. Thus, this scanner detects narcotics, explosives, currency, weapons or even vials that contain chemical or biological threats.

What happens if you don't turn off your cell phone on the plane?

Having a phone on can generate sound interference because phones emit electromagnetic waves in a certain frequency range, we do not know which one, and the communication system of an airplane could also be using that same range, hence it can generate interference.

What do they check your cell phone at the airport?

An immigration agent can check your mobile phone to authorize or deny a passenger's entry into their territory. Depending on what you have saved on your device, it is an option that an immigration agent in the country you wish to enter may consider.

What happens if I sleep with my cell phone in airplane mode?

Airplane mode The mobile phone will not receive notifications or calls so it will not disturb your sleep. You have to take the battery into account when going to sleep because the hours of sleep will use up a percentage, even if it is small.

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