How do you write a peer review article?

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How do you write a peer review article?

How do you write a peer review paper?


  1. Justify your recommendation with concrete evidence and specific examples.
  2. Be specific so authors know what they need to do to improve.
  3. Be thorough. This may be the only time you read the manuscript.
  4. Be professional and respectful.
  5. Remember to say what you liked about the manuscript!

How is peer review done?

Peer Review: 5 Smart Tips for Providing Constructive Feedback

  1. be kind The basic premise of peer review is to encourage further writing.
  2. Give specific advice. Be specific with your comments.
  3. Seek support – don't assume.
  4. Be scientific – don't ignore the details.
  5. Meet deadlines.

How do you write a peer review class?


  1. Give each of your reviewers a copy of your paper.
  2. Read your paper aloud slowly; pause at the end of each paragraph to give you and your reviewers time to write.
  3. When you have finished reading, discuss the document frankly using first-person responses.

How does the peer review process work?

The submitting author's work is put before a panel of experts in the same field, who then review the scientific work and evaluate it based on originality, quality and validity. In other words, peer review allows the scientific community to continuously publish high-quality information.

How do you know if something is peer reviewed?

If the article is from a print journal, look at the publication information in the front of the journal. If the article is from an electronic journal, go to the journal's home page and look for a link under "About this journal" or "Notes to authors." This should tell you if the articles are peer reviewed.

What is peer review in writing?

Peer review refers to the many ways students can share their creative work with their peers to get constructive feedback and then use that feedback to revise and improve their work. To the writing process, revision is just as important as the draft, but students often feel like they can't let go of their original words.

Why do students hate peer review?

Students are afraid of hurting someone's feelings, or don't want to think critically about the writing, or both, so students often don't give vague, unhelpful praise. This is the usual result when we leave college students to their own devices for peer review.

How do you write a reviewer response letter?

Do this:

  1. Recognize that reviewers are volunteers and used their time to work hard on your work.
  2. Respond to every comment.
  3. For your convenience and that of the reviewers, it is helpful to number each comment.
  4. Keep your answers short, direct and to the point.
  5. Always accept responsibility.

Is peer review hyphenated?

Use a hyphen when a compound sentence is used as an adjective to modify the following word: Example: Peer-reviewed research suggested… Example: Anderson (1998) tried to avoid face-to-face conflict.

What is peer-to-peer collaboration?

In peer review, authors and reviewers can interact directly with each other. This process usually occurs on a platform provided by the journal where authors and reviewers can discuss how a particular article can be improved.

Is Peer to Peer hyphenated?

The concept of peer to peer (scriptless) communications is not new. In its simplistic form, it is usually structured as a one-to-one through an exchange system.

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