How do you cite a journal article with multiple authors APA?

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How do you cite a journal article with multiple authors APA?

How do you cite a journal article with multiple authors APA?

List each author's last name first followed by the first and second initials followed by a comma. Insert an ampersand (&) before the last author. Eight or more authors? List the first six author names, then insert three ellipses and add the last author's name.

How do you cite an article with multiple authors in MLA?

If there are three or more authors, list only the first author followed by the phrase et al. (Latin "and others") instead of the names of later authors. (Note that there is a period after "al" in "et al". Also note that there is never a period after "et" in "et al").

How do you refer to a journal article in the MHRA?

Name(s) of Author(s), 'Article Title', Journal Title, Date of Publication, Journal Section (if applicable), Page Number(s).

How is a play referenced in the MHRA?

Use this format when referencing a play published as part of a collection or anthology. Enclose the title of the reproduction in single quotes and the title of the collection in italics. Footnote format: Name Surname, 'Title of the work', in the Title of the collection (Place of publication: Publisher, Year), Act.

How do you reference endnotes?

This is a method for inserting quotes.

  1. Open your Word document. Click on the text where you want to place the citation.
  2. From the EndNote tab, click Go to EndNote.
  3. Highlight the reference(s) you want to place in the document.
  4. Click the Insert Citation button on the toolbar (shortcut key: Alt-2).

How do you refer to a story?

MLA Short Story Textbook Citation Format Author's Last and First Name. "Short Story Title." Title of collection, edited by Name of publisher, edition, publisher, year, p. xx-xx

How do you refer to a short story?

The format for citing a short story in MLA style varies depending on where it was published … Cite a short story from a single-author collection.

How do you cite the title of a story in an essay?

The titles of individual stories and poems are enclosed in quotation marks. The titles of short stories and collections of poetry must be in italics.

How do you tag an article title?

To write the name of an article title in the body of your article:

  1. The title of the article must be in quotation marks – Example: "Tiger Woman on Wall Street"
  2. Capitalize all main words.
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