How do you answer a question starting with how far?

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How do you answer a question starting with how far?

How do you answer a question starting with how far?

As you can see in these example structures, you need to:

  1. clearly state the two topics you are comparing.
  2. mention the subject to which they relate.
  3. have a clear decision about which of the two factors is more important for the subject.

What does it mean to evaluate extent?

"Assess the extent" means how well, or how much something happens, especially compared to something else. You might think that the question is asking which thing is more important. Let's take a more everyday example with a mock question: rate how much breakfast is a more meaningful meal than lunch.

How do you write how much do you agree?

Introduction: State the points you agree and disagree with. Body Paragraph 1: State why you agree with some of the points. Body Paragraph 2: Say why you disagree with some of the points. Conclusion: restate your opinion.

How do you write an extension essay?

To what extent essay structure

  1. Sentence 1: In the introduction section, you are expected to paraphrase the question. Just repeat it with a different meaning.
  2. Sentence 2: This is the best place to introduce your thesis statement.
  3. Sent 3: This is the sentence outline that aligns what you will say in the body.

Simply paraphrase the essay question and present your opinion. Make sure your opinion is consistent from the introduction to the conclusion. Each body paragraph presents a reason for your opinion. Your body paragraphs should explain your views in relevant detail.

How do you spell OK?

  1. Sentence 1: State the first reason why you agree/disagree.
  2. Sentences 2-3: Explain why.
  3. Sentence 4 – example.
  4. Sent 5: A brief summary of your ideas in this paragraph:

How do you use agree to disagree in a sentence?

Example no. 1: "He's agreed to disagree and not convince him anymore. I know I'm right." The sentence is as explained in the above meaning. Here the speaker may not be willing to argue with his opponent. Example no. 2: “Even if you agree to disagree, we need to have a debate on this issue.

What is the meaning of strongly disagree?

If you disagree with someone or what they say, you don't accept that what they say is true or correct. It can also be said that two people disagree. You have to keep watching them no matter how much you don't agree with them. [ VERB + with] They can communicate even when they strongly disagree. [

What is the meaning of agree to disagree?

: agree not to argue further about a difference of opinion He likes golf and his wife likes tennis, so when it comes to sports, they've agreed to disagree.

What kind of word is disagree?

verb (used without object), disagree, disagree. not to agree; differ: the conclusions disagree with the facts. The theories differ in their basic premises. to differ in opinion; dissent: three of the justices disagreed with the verdict.

What is another word for disagree?

What is the root of the word disagree?

The word comes from combining the Old French agreer, "to receive with favor or enjoy," with the Latin prefix dis, which here means "to do the opposite of." Definitions of disagreement.

How do you say I agree in an email?

Express agreement

  1. I agree with you 100 percent.
  2. I couldn't agree with you more.
  3. This is so true.
  4. That's for sure.
  5. (slang) Tell me!
  6. You are absolutely right.
  7. Absolutely.
  8. That's exactly how I feel.

What other way to say I agree?

I agree. Absolutely! You are absolutely right. Exactly!

What is the slang word for yes?

ACK – ok – ok – ya – ok – and you know man – check – cool – damn skippy – damn straight – damn tootin' – disco – forizzle – for real – for reals – fo sheezie – fosheezy – fo shizzle – fo shizzle my nizzle – fo' sho' – FR – full – go crazy – good call – good to go – hell yes – hell…

What do you say when everyone agrees?

When a group or decision is unanimous, it means that everyone is in complete agreement.

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