How do I know my Claro number by text message?

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How do I know my Claro number by text message?

Answer: To check the number, send the word NUMBER by SMS to dial 686. Sending the message has no cost. Was the information provided useful to you? How to know my Claro number by text message
Send an SMS text message to the number 779 with the word number (without the accent) and press «Send» .
You will receive a text message in response with the number of your Claro Perú line.

How can I check my Claro number by message?

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How to know what the number of a Claro chip is? One of the easiest ways to find out your Claro number is through a text message. Send a free SMS to number 779 with the word 'number' (without accent).

How can I see my Claro phone number?

To find out your phone number, dial *101# and press the call key from the number to consult. Was the information provided useful to you?

What is the code to see my number?

Dial *#06# Another way to see your own number without having to go anywhere outside of your smartphone is to dial *#06# from your Phone application. This key is used to find out other unique identification information about your device, but it can also help you find your number.

What is the SIM card number?

Your SIM card's ICC number (International Circuit Card ID) is a serial number that makes our SIM card unique. This code is associated with your mobile card and is made up of 19 digits.

How to know your cell phone number without balance?

Steps to know my Telcerl number without balance The first thing you should do is call the number: *264, when they answer, dial the number 51, then ask them to provide you with the number of the line from which you are making the call.

How to know the Vodafone SIM card number?

Dial *138# from your phone and you will receive an SMS with your mobile number. Check the cardboard of your SIM card, your Vodafone number will appear printed there.

How to send a text message collect?

Just send your message to 033 + 10 digits of the recipient user's Telcel number*

How to know if a phone number is active?

If you are interested in knowing if a number is active, the first and easiest thing you can do to try to clear your mind is to call the number in question. Calling the phone number you are interested in, if dialing is active, the phone will ring normally.

How do you make a collect call?

Or *033 + 10 digits of the recipient's Telcel number (1) (1) The recipient user must accept the Collect Call, which has a cost per minute of $2.98 pesos VAT included.

What is the SIM card network unlock PIN?

Remember that the PIN number appears on the cardboard in which the SIM card is embedded. The 8-digit PUK code is also printed on it, which you must enter in case you misspell the PIN code three times.

How to activate the SIM card?

The SIM card is usually activated automatically if it is a new registration, and in some cases of portability. If it is a duplicate you will always need to activate the SIM card. You can activate the SIM from the website or App of each operator or by calling the number provided by each one.

How much does it cost to send a text message?

Text messages will cost you between €0.04 and €0.08 per SMS. Most SMS software offers packages that include a fixed number of text messages you can send. More or less since 2,000 or so. With an average of 2-10 keywords monthly.

How do you make a clear collect call?

Dial *258 + 10 digits of the cell phone number of the person you want to call.

How do I know if my clear chip is active?

How do I know if my chip is active? Dial *129# and press the call key if you receive a response with a message indicating your phone number, your chip is active.

How do you know if a line is canceled?

How to know if a mobile number has been canceled When you call, let it ring, but skip the voicemail. This means that the number is active, but you still don't know who it belongs to. A message immediately appears saying that this number does not exist. This does confirm that the number has been deregistered.

How can I know if my chip is already activated?

It is possible to check if your chip is still active without putting a balance on it. You can do this by dialing *143# and choosing option 2, then enter the last 6 digits of your phone number and press “send”.

How do I find out who made a collect call to me?

To do this we must download a third-party application called TrueCaller. This app, which is present on iPhones and Android terminals, has the peculiarity of knowing who is calling you due to the reports made by several people who have also been called by that number.

How do I know my Telcel number with a message?

Enter the Telcel chip into the cell phone and turn it on. Dial *#62# from your mobile and press the call key. Wait a few seconds and you will receive a message with your cell phone number.

What happens if I don't know my SIM PIN?

Therefore, if you have forgotten your mobile PIN code, you will need the PUK code. Although it may seem counterproductive, you will therefore have to type the wrong PIN code three times until the SIM is locked, at which point you can enter the PUK code. With the PUK code, changing the PIN code is very simple.

What is the clear SIM card PUK?

The PUK code is on the back of the SIM card in which all the chips are delivered.

What does it mean that the SIM card is blocked?

When a SIM card is locked, the subscription associated with the card is protected from misuse, meaning you will have to enter a PIN every time you start the device. If you enter the wrong PIN too many times, your SIM card will be locked.

How do you activate a clear chip?

Go to and select “My Chip” in the menu. I chose the Chip to activate. Scratch the security strip from the blister where the chip came and load the last 4 missing numbers to confirm activation. Insert the new chip, restart your cell phone and that's it!

How to reactivate a clear chip?

Call 123 to confirm its status if it appears pre-active and by recharging your name you have the possibility of reactivating it.

What is the difference between an SMS and MMS?

The only difference between these two types of messages is their content: SMS only contain text, while MMS can contain images, audio, GIFS, etc. Furthermore, in MMS it is possible to personalize the text by changing the typography, shape, size and font.

How much does it cost to send a message on WhatsApp?

As long as you are not over your mobile data limit or are connected to a free Wi-Fi network, your mobile operator should not charge you any additional charges for messages or calls using WhatsApp.

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