How do I get ServSafe Manager Certification?

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How do I get ServSafe Manager Certification?

How do I get ServSafe Manager Certification?

  1. Instructor-led course. Take a class from an approved ServSafe instructor. Find an instructor/supervisor.
  2. Self-study option. Buy the ServSafe book and study material and work at your own pace. Select
  3. Online course With 24/7 access to online training products, you're always in control of how, where and when you train.

How much does ServSafe Manager cost?

ServSafe Certification Training and Testing Costs ServSafe offers a ServSafe Manager (7th Edition) online course with exam for $152.95. Employers who want their employees to take the certification exam under the supervision of a supervisor may choose to test employees at a testing center.

Can you take the ServSafe Manager test online?

Select the training and exam option that best suits your needs, regulatory requirements and schedule. You can use different formats for the course and the exam. For example, you can take an instructor-led course and an online exam. Online course available in English and Spanish.

Is the ServSafe Manager test difficult?

How difficult is the ServSafe Managers Test? The ServSafe Managers test has 90 questions, but only 80 are scored. The test is multiple choice with 4 possible answers. You have 2 hours to complete the exam and must score at least 75% to pass.

You can only retry if you have failed the exam or if your current certification has expired. You can take the exam twice within 30 days. If you do not pass the exam on your second attempt, you must wait 60 days from your most recent attempt before retaking the exam.

What is ServSafe for?

ServSafe Manager Certification verifies that a manager or supervisor has sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from foodborne illness. Those who pass the 90-question multiple-choice exam will receive a ServSafe Manager certification and wallet card.

What can I do with a ServSafe manager certification?

Servsafe Food Manager Certification Average by job

How long does ServSafe last?

five years

How much does it cost to renew ServSafe?

$135 The face-to-face ServSafe course is a 1-day class and exam combination from 9am to 5pm. A confirmation email (including a link to study materials) is sent within 24 hours of student registration and payment.

How often should you renew ServSafe?

3 years

Do online courses expire? Yes. Unused courses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Once a course is started: ServSafe food handler courses must be completed within 60 days.

What is a ServSafe Pass Score?


Is my ServSafe still valid?

California recognizes ServSafe® certification as valid for five years. However, some company policies only recognize the validity of the certification for three years. We recommend that you retake the exam before your certification expires.

How do I check my ServSafe score?

You can view your test results online by logging into and accessing your dashboard. Then click on the student icon and scroll down to My Exam Scores to select the exam results you want to view.

How much does a ServSafe Proctor charge?

ServSafe Exam Proctor Fee: $50 – $100 The proctor fee may or may not include the cost of the exam. Be sure to check. If you purchased an online course or textbook, the exam is likely included with your purchase.

How long does it take to recover your ServSafe scores?

Results are posted on within 3-4 business days after the National Restaurant Association receives the exam information form and completed answer sheets. Online exam results are available within 1 business day or as soon as the proctor submits the exam for grading.

How much does a ServSafe book cost?

New Purchase: $73.33. In stock Sold and Fulfilled by

What is the new edition of ServSafe?

ServSafe Manager Book 7th Ed, English

How do I get my ServSafe exam access code?

Both proctors and examinees can purchase exam access codes. Purchased exam access codes will be sent directly to the purchaser's email address. Purchase of the ServSafe Online Exam Access Code also includes administration, processing, and a ServSafe Certificate upon passing the exam.

Can I proctor my own ServSafe exam?

Can I take an exam? No. You must have a proctor administer the ServSafe Manager exam, any ServSafe breathalyzer exam, and the ServSafe Advanced Breathalyzer exam. An instructor must administer a ServSafe Food Handler print exam.

How can I contact ServSafe?

Contact our customer service center by phone or text to obtain a form.

Once a course is started: ServSafe food handler courses must be completed within 60 days. ServSafe Manager and ServSafe Alcohol courses must be completed within 90 days.

Where can I take a ServSafe class?

To find a course, instructor, or supervisor in your area, go to, from the top blue ribbon menu, click on the ServSafe program name of the course you want to take, then select "find a class" or "find an instructor". option /proctor”.

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