Does SAG-aftra eligibility expire?

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Does SAG-aftra eligibility expire?

Does SAG-aftra eligibility expire?

Once reactivated, a member must maintain active membership for one full year from the date of reactivation before becoming eligible for inactive status again.

How can you qualify for SAG-aftra?

A performer is eligible for membership under one of the following conditions: proof of employment covered by SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA as a principal performer or recording artist; three days' proof of SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA employment as background actor; or employment under an affiliated performing artists' union.


How are commercials actors paid?

Commercial actors are covered by SAG-AFTRA, and lead actors in an ad must be paid a minimum hourly wage, plus additional money each time the ad airs, with that rate depending on where it airs , including network and location.

How long is a low work day?

8 hours

What is the minimum wage scale for new media productions?

Initial compensation may be deferred under the 2017 SAG-AFTRA Independent New Media Agreement. The 2017 Independent New Media Special Agreement has established minimum fees that cannot be deferred.

What is the SAG Ultra Low Budget Fare?

SAG Rate Table for Theatrical Performers Only

A guest star is considered a "major role" performer. For a half-hour show, as of July 2011, the fee is $4,538, which is five times the regular daily rate with a 10 percent surplus for the actor to pay his agent's fee . A one-hour show pays $7,260.

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