Does Gon ever meet his father?

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Does Gon ever meet his father?

Yes he does, and the meeting wasn't as emotional or epic as you'd expect. It was quite funny and heart warming. Gon met his father for the first time in a room full of professional hunters during the last round of the 13th President Election (Episode 146).

Is Goku a bad father?

Goku is not a bad father. While it's true that she didn't spend much time with Gohan, she also cares for him a lot. He's more like a best friend/mentor to Gohan than a father figure. This is not a "bad parent" but rather a different kind of parent.

he wanted to go somewhere so he left it up to Mito because it's impossible to go with a child unless he or she is older so he wouldn't exactly abandon her even if he did then he wouldn't. have tried gon..

Did Gon's father leave?

Ging abandoned Gon. He left and didn't even try to contact his son. Ging himself admits that he abandoned his son. If Ging truly cared about Gon like a father should, he would have chosen to stay with him.

Who is faster Killua or Rock Lee?

Killua wins 8/10 though. As fast as Lee (if not faster), a much better tactician, and too versatile with his lightning attacks. It depends on where Killua is in the manga. If it's Hunter's first exam, Rock Lee can beat him but he has to open 4 doors to do so.

Can naruto beat hisoka?

Hisoka could probably beat Naruto early, but past that and Hisoka is dead. Hisoka generally wins through trickery and psychological manipulation, but lacks a lot of strength. His boy, while using it extremely intelligently, can't match the strength that Naruto wields.

How old is hisoka now?

Illumi: He loves and is loyal to his family. He would happily die for Killua, or even for Killua's happiness. But he is also fiercely protective of Killua, and would destroy anything that stood in the way of Killua's "development".

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