New Staff Openings

This Is H.O.W., Inc. Is officially seeking to increase the size of its staff.
Staff members are unpaid individuals.
They are expected to work at least 10 hours per week. Some positions may require up to 60 hours a week (Executive Director), while others may require a minimum of two hours per day.
Staff members are volunteers — they are not employees of the organization, nor independent contractors. Staff members are critical role individuals who are essential to the goals and mission of the organization.
Staff members may be required to attend Staff meetings, held in Phoenix, Arizona, on occasion — but need not be located in Phoenix, Arizona. Regular staff meetings are held roughly every two weeks, and it is possible to telecommute for most of them, but approximately four times a year there will be a full staff meeting that requires physical presence.
There is a preferential treatment in place for Trans candidates, but being trans is not a prerequisite for such. Both men and women, cis and trans are encouraged to apply.
Staff Positions being created and filled are as follows:
Networking Coordinator — this position will be responsible for handling the day to day work of updating the website and social networking aspects of the site. They do not have to be able to code website,s they simply need to be skilled in and reasonably capable of writing well, as well as handling the services in use. Public relations skill is a plus. This position reports to the Executive Director, and will involve frequent contact by phone or via email. Non disclosure agreement is required, as sensitive information will be in use. Needs to be familiar with Facebook and similar social networking sites, Twitter, and wordpress platform.
Advocacy Coordinator — this position will be responsible for assisting in the advocacy efforts of the organization. It requires a very outgoing personality and a willingness to do “cold approaches”. Familiarity with MS PowerPoint and presentation tools is important, as well as reliable personal transportation. The purpose of the role is to increase opportunities for advocacy among business and social service agencies, and to assist the Executive Director and the Executive Assistant in their efforts to perform that outreach, including performing some of the advocacy itself. This position reports to the Executive Assistant. Non disclosure agreement is required, as sensitive information will be in use.
Outreach Coordinator — The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for outreach efforts on behalf of the organization, including coordinating the non-resident service programs. They will report to the Executive Director and work closely with the Advocacy Coordinator. An outgoing personality, willingness to do cold approaches, and familiarity with social service agencies is required. Non disclosure agreement is required, as sensitive information will be in use.
Fundraising Coordinator — The Fundraising Coordinator position is responsible for coordinating the efforts of and general oversight for fundraising efforts for the organization. This individual must be willing to be clean and sober. This individual will report to the Executive Assistant. Non disclosure agreement is required, as sensitive information will be in use.
Do not send resumes. If interested, please send a letter or email to the organization explaining what position you are interested in, why you want the position, what you can bring to the organization that it may not already have, and what you think the single greatest challenge is facing trans individuals in Arizona, and what you think you can do about it.
Previous for profit experience is useful. Not all job duties are described. Ability to work with the Executive Director, House Manager, and Executive Assistant is taken into consideration.
This Is H.O.W. is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that has served the Phoenix Metro trans community as a whole for over five years, working as a crisis intervention center dealing in all aspects of transition and trans lives. We operate a residence program, that houses trans people in critical need, and we conduct seminars for the wider community throughout the year and perform educational efforts within the greater Phoenix Area. We have a particular focus on ethnic minority populations, ex-offenders, substance abuse, domestic violence, and others who often “slip through the cracks”. We consider transition, as a whole, to be a crisis point in an individual’s life, and work to assist people in “finding themselves”, without coercing them into being something they are not.
TIH has a 125 point program that is adapted to each individual, and provide both residential and non residential services to the trans community. Our system has assisted over 500 Trans individuals in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and had great success with over 300 of those individuals, with a two year sobriety success rate of over 50%.
We additionally do outreach and advocacy efforts to the wider community, and remain actively involved with multiple organizations locally, as well as continuously working to build new relationships with service agencies and advocacy groups throughout our service region.
TIH, Inc. Currently has 3 staff members, all volunteers, and is currently expanding and growing and is need of additional staff members in order to more effectively accomplish its mission and goals. Our current Executive Director is Antonia D’orsay, who has been through the TIH programs herself, and is known nationally for her in depth analysis of trans related issues and problems.
TIH is not a political organization — we do not deal with legislative activities or political actions. We are not for profit, and all donations are tax deductible. All donations serve to assist our target population and clients. We are supported entirely through small dollar donations from people just like you.
Our website is, and we are on facebook here: as well as twitter @TIHHouse. We can be reached through 623.414.5245 or email
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