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Our Own Place to Make Life Better.

That’s what we need, and we need it now.  Here’s the press release just sent out:

Press Release
Foreclosure triggers Capital funding campaign: Life Made Better: Our Own Place

Phoenix, Arizona — A local charity, This is HOW, has launched a new project “Life Made Better – Our Own Place” to raise $20,000. Their current property, which was leased, recently received a notice of foreclosure. This property is home to 8 residents who are members of the most underserved population in the Phoenix metro area.
Life Made Better: Our Own Place: The organization must raise a minimum of 20K to ensure their current level of service to the community. Through their housing, education and empowerment programs they have helped over 500 individuals since their launch 6 years ago, including the current Executive Director, Antonia D’orsay, who was rescued from homelessness and given a chance during a deep crisis period in her life. She has also served as the House Manager, and the Chair of the Board before stepping into her current position a year ago. Her ambitious efforts have resulted in the creation of model programs that are highly sought after by social service agencies. She and all of the staff at TIH are volunteers.
The organization’s goal is to ensure that the needs of their constituency are served in the most efficient, cohesive and cost effective manner. The current foreclosure on the leased property has highlighted the need for the organization to own their facility thus ensuring their future ability to be of service to the entire community.
Board member at large, Kim Pearson said, “This project is very important to the community. It helps folks who are homeless by providing a safe haven while they heal from their life crises. We provide opportunities for them to learn the skills they need to move out into the larger community in a healthy and empowered way. This is HOW provides a hand up, rather than a hand out!”
Executive Director Antonia D’orsay said “’Life Made Better’ is our motto, and I live by it. This place saved my life, gave me purpose and direction when I had lost all confidence in myself, and made possible changes in my life that could never have happened without it. The thought of our current residents not having those same life saving opportunities terrifies me. We can’t do it alone, though.”
This Is H.O.W. (TIH) is a six year old 501(c)3 organization that works to reduce homelessness, aid victims of domestic violence, teaches skills to help lift people out of poverty, teaches general life skills, performs advocacy, and handles crisis moments for a segment of the population that is usually ignored, looked down on, or outright denied services by other organizations. Led by Executive Director Antonia D’orsay, it began an extensive expansion of services and dramatically improved its ability to provide services to the men and women it assists while establishing itself as the local expert in their field.

Antonia D’orsay, Executive Director

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